We prefer to work close to our customers.

Our solution

Akiri provides you with professional information in the science and patent areas for a wide range of purposes, including

  • Scientific overview
  • Prior art and Novelty
  • Freedom-to-Operate and Due Diligence
  • Validity and Opposition
  • Patent family and Legal status
  • Competitor, Company and Author
  • Citation
  • Setting up Watches

We perform searches by keywords, indexing terms, chemical structures and reactions, patent classification codes, and other search fields available in the around 200 scientific databases in our toolset. They cover literature and patent documents and reports within chemistry, life-science, and other technical fields.

The STN platform is included, where we can perform thorough structure searches for both specific and generically claimed Markush compounds in databases such as Registry, Marpat, DCR (Derwent Chemistry Resource), and DWPIM (Derwent Markush Resource). We have got access to searchable full-text patent documents from all over the world as well. The databases also cover information such as citations, clinical trials, and medical information.

Good communication is essential

We prefer to work close to our customers. Good communication is essential to ensure that all requirements are considered and that the searches and analyses are directed in the correct ways and tailor-made for you. This saves time and gives more precise results. We might propose extended or narrower search strategies and contact you with any questions to give you the best service. We will always discuss your special requirements to help you in the best way.

For certain requests we can work in collaboration with patent firms.

Areas of expertise are within

  • Life-science – especially in the chemistry and pharmaceutical fields but also in other life-science areas and related technical fields
  • Patents
  • Chemical and Markush structure searching (e.g. Registry, Marpat, DCR, DWPIM)